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Scott Alexander (Skyline)

From his son  Christian Alexander, living in New York City as of February 21, 2013:

"My dad was born 6 Dec 1943, and he died on a Saturday, 5 June 1982. My mom might have a copy of the obituary. I think it was just a quick death notice in the local paper. I still have his memorial card from the funeral, and I think there was a brief note inside of that, which I could scan.

Otherwise, here are the details of his life that I know: he left SLC after graduating high school and he enlisted in the Army. He was big guy, so luckily the Army selected him as an MP and stationed him on a base in Santa Barbara (CA) rather than send him to Vietnam. He met my mom there in Santa Barbara. She was a nursing student from Connecticut who came looking for a little sunshine and fun. After the Army, he also took a couple of years of courses at UCSB. She proposed to him, as a joke, on Sadie Hawkins Day, but he took her up on the joke and they got married in 1970. Immediately after that they moved to LA where he became a computer salesman. I was born shortly thereafter in LA (Feb 14, 1971. They had only one child.

We moved to Los Osos, a very small town 200 miles north of LA, in 1975, where he began a new career building houses as a general contractor. He remained there until he died in 1982.


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