Planning Meeting Agenda


Reunion Planning Teleconferences

The next Reunion Planning Teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday January 3, 2018 at 7 p.m. (MDT). Thereafter, Planning Teleconferences will be scheduled periodically, as needed, until July of 2018. To participate dial 1-888-398-6449.  No access code is required to join the call. You may also access the conference by computer at this url (passwords are NOT NEEDED).

The teleconference system automatically notifies committee members by telephone, email and text before the start of each meeting.  Teleconferences are scheduled on the first Wednesday of every month. Each meeting is scheduled for no more than 60 minutes. Less is always better.  All meetings are recorded.


Tentative Agenda for January 3, 2018 Teleconference

  1. Update on arrangements at The Cottonwood Club
  2. Book of autobiographies
  3. Official Photographer/Videographer
  4. Update, discussion and assignments:
    1. The 155 Missing people and updates
    2. Welcome Reception
    3. Registration at Welcome Reception, After Party and Main Event
    4. Name Tags, Lanyards and Mementos:
    5. Sunday Sunrise Brunch
    6. Music: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    7. Promotions: electronic, surface mail and personal telephone calls and email
    8. Fundraising
  5. Other Items: Please send Ron Scott ( a note of things you would like to add to the agenda.