Officers and Faculty

Basic Information about The Class of 1963

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  • Olympus opened its  doors in 1952
  • Skyline opened its doors in 1963
  • The size of our sophomore class at Olympus was about 920 students.
  •  It  was the largest  "entering" class in Utah's history (at the time)
  • Approximately 200 members of the class opted to move to the new Skyline High School for senior year when it opened its doors.
  • Demographics: Male 000; Female: 000
  • Demographics: The class was nearly 100 percent Caucasian, but included several students of Asian, African and Native American heritage.
  • Olympus Colors: Green and Gray
  • Skyline Colors: Blue and Gold
  • Olympus Nickname:  Titans
  • Skyline Nickname:  Eagles
  • Both schools are situated near each other, at the base of Mt. Olympus, a majestic peak that overlooks the Great Salt Lake Valley
  • Both schools are governed by the Granite School District
  • Class members were born from late 1944 to 1946, the leading edge of the so called Baby Boom generation.
  • Feeder junior high schools: Olympus, Wasatch, Evergreen, and Granite (senior year).
  • An estimated 90 percent of the graduating class went on to college or other post high school educational institutions.
  • The Vietnam War was a very limited police action when we graduated.  However, all young men over the age of 18 were subject to the draft.  As a result, many class members served in all brannches of te military, and many opted for  National Guard and Reserve units. So far as we can tell, only one graduate MAY have lost his life in Vietnam.  However, others may have succumbed eventually to what would be called Post Traumatic Stress Disorders today.
  • At the time, The Ford Foundation had  rated Olympus music department  as one of the finest in The United States.  As a result, the Ford Foundation supported a resident composer at the school for our junior and senior years.  The music the composer wrote while in Salt Lake City was not easy on the ears, or interesting to play or sing.  Oh well! 






Studentbody President: Jim Wright

Senior Class President:  Ed Andrus
Other Studentbody Officers:  Doug Bagley, vice president; Barbara Barton, secretary; Ruth Buckmiller, historian;  Michelle Moench, recorder; John Sharp, second vice president.
Other Senior Class Officers:  Larry Baer, vice president; Pam Horsley, secretary; John Coombs and Christie Skidmore, advisory board
Skyline Studentbody President:  Keith Tempest
Senior Class President:  Ron Jensen
Other Studentbody Officers: Debbie Zacher, vice president; Vickie Baker, secretary; Cathy Sorenson, historian
Other Senior Class Officers: Ed Huntsman, vice president;
Jim Talvitie, secretary
Faculty Lists 1961-63
This is a partial list of faculty members at Olympus during our sojourn there, from 1961 through 1963. Please send names of missing faculty members.  
We have only a few names of Skyline faculty.  Please help flesh-out the list. 
Handley,  W. Harold (principal)
Anderson, Gwen (girls counselor)
Dallin, Coleen (girls counselor)
Gledhill, Lee (boys counselor)
Harper, Richard (boys counselor)
Heywood, Frank  "Red Dog" (boys counselor)
Jensen, Vivian N. (girls counselor)
Staley, Rita (girls counselor)
Tolman, Eldon (boys counselor)
Algermissen, Charlotte (librarian, visual aids)
Allen, David (Electricity)
Allen, Shirley (health, PE)
Alsop, Dean (music)
Anderson, DeVon (drivers' ed)
Anderson, Joyce (Chorus)
Ashby, Ralph (algebra, geometry, baseball)
Barnett, Adelaide (Latin)
Barratt, Eloise (homemaking)
Barton, George (accelerated math, skiing)
Bennion, John (contemp. Problems, social sciences)
Berntsen, Valena (dance, health, PE))
Biddulph, Jeanne (English)
Blackham, Vernon (trig., Geom., algebra)
Bruderer, Wilford L. (German)
Christensen, Gerald N. (social studies/Spanish)
Christensen, Lois (?)
Christopoulos, John (tennis, basketball)
Cowley, Carole (?)
Crocker, Richard C. (shorthand)
Curtis, Hal (drama, dance)
De la Cruz, Jose (Spanish)
Dixon, Donald (athletic director, PE -deceased)
Farrell, Kenneth (algebra, survey, basketball)
Ferrell, Ila Kaye ( English) see Larson, Ila F.
Ferrin, Michael (social studies)
Fjeld, Alan (driver ed)
Folland, Lorin (drawing, design)
Freidman, Nancy (English)
Fye, Rodney (English)
Gledhill, Lee ((algebra, survey)
Goates, Wayne (physical sciences)
Good, Dan (German)
Gourley, George (health PE)
Green, Janean (English)
Greene, Lawrence (physcial sciences)
Gurr, LaRue (English)
Hampton, J. James (geom., algebra, gen. math)
Hansen, Diane (English)
Harris, Melvin (auto mechanics)
Hayward, Betty (shorthand, typing)
Hepworth, Loel (Band)
Heslington, David (social stuides)
Hill, Garth (algebra, metal work)
Hinckley, Jane (shorthand, typing)
Hollingworth, Edna (social studies)
Houston, James (socail studies)
Hurst, Elden (agriculture, landscape, biology)
Jenness, Tom ( Speech, Debate)
Jones, Jennie (English)
Knight, Richard (economics, psychology)
Kurumada, Miye (homemaking)
Larson, Kaye F. (English)
Larson, Nona (reading)
Larson, Roger (algebra, geometry)
Lewis, Hal (track, football, wrestling)
Liddiard, Robert (biology, botany)
Lunsford, Virginia (genetics, earth sciences, science)
Malmgren, Larry (social studies)
Mangelson, Loabelle (dance)
Martin, Marian (English)
Mecham, Margaret (homemaking)
Meier, Gil (psychology, sociology, football, wrestling)
Mower, Leo L. (mechanical drafting)
Neilson, Barbara (English)
Nicholes, Lee A. (driver ed, track)
Nieser, Connie (bookkeeping)
Onyon, Eleanor (French, Russian)
Packer, Edson (drawing, driver ed)
Perkins, Carlo (driver ed)
Peterson, Arden (vocal music)
Poulsen, Marion W. (physics)
Redford, Pru (English)
Richards, George G. (chemistry)
Richardson, Theral (woodwork)
Smith, Clyde (art)
Smith, Marjorie (PE, health)
Smith, Maurice (German)
Smith, Richard (algebra, geom., chemistry)
Stamoulis, Sandra (French)
Stevens, Ruth (shorthand, typing)
Stone, Phillip (business math)
Stratopoulis, Irene (English)
Stubbs, Charles (art)
Thaxton, Virginia (English, Journalism)
Tolman, Eldon (social studies)
Waterman, Miriam (social studies)
Weight, Ormon R. (music, math)

Skyline: 1963

Jensen, Vivian N. (counselor)
Ridd, Jay (history)
Hathaway, Ben (drafting)
Nielson, Janice (English)
Ripplinger, Donald (vocal music)
Startin, Wayne (Math, football coach)