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Robin Locke

Profile Updated: June 9, 2018
Robin Locke
Residing In: Jacksonville, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Sarah
Occupation: Retired

Note to Christie Foster on August 11, 2003 from Sarah Locke, Robin's wife, posted by Ron Scott 6/9/2018 who noted: "Sophomore year, Robin and I worked together as "soda jerks" at Paul's Palace Ice Cream, directly across 23rd East from Sherman Elementary School. Since then, we have not confirmed his whereabouts.

Hi Christie,
Our computer has been down for a few weeks. Just got it running again and had 678 messages. Five of these were from other people, and the remainder were reunion news. That's 673 messages about the reunion. Wow, that's amazing.

I am Robin's wife, Sarah. He refuses to get involved with a computer unless it's at work and he has no choice, so he asked me to reply to your message.

He did get the letter you sent. It's so nice that you all let him know how much you want to see him. He is really sorry that he can't make it this year.

Michelle [Anderson Wilson]probably knows that he had a stroke in 2000 from which he has completely recovered, much to the surprise of the doctors who treated him.

He pretends that it was nothing, but he worked incredibly hard to regain all the physical mobility. I am immensely proud of him. He has slowed down some - but haven't we all? Now he only does the work of one man instead of three. It's been really nice to have him around home more.
He took an early retirement from Delta Airlines and sold the stables. In
2001 we moved to a small town in southern Oregon, Jacksonville (near
Medford) where life is slower and quieter, and he can work at a less demanding job. He has a Fed-Ex Ground route now. Unfortunately, he won't be able to take time off this year.

We bought a house with five acres. Anyone who knows Robin will understand that he couldn't just settle in. He's been fixing and tinkering and building fences. We still have horses, and one day when he gets everything just perfect, we may actually start riding them again! I think he's about ready to start having fun again, though. He's been talking about all the places nearby for fishing and rafting and riding. Ashland ski area is tiny, but they are planning a rather nice expansion, so he may even get back on skis one day.

Anyway, he is well, and very sorry not to be able to see all of you. He asks that you let everyone know that he will miss you all and miss being there. He sends his best to all of you. Please feel free to call - info is below.

We know the reunion will be a fantastic success and you will all have a great time. Wish we could be there,

Robin & Sarah Locke