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Stan Adams, Olympus '64, this notice about his good friend David Paulsen, who has been an honorary member of our class and a subscriber to our website since about 2002.


Posted on: Apr 06, 2019 at 12:29 pm

Dear Titans: I am extremely sad to report that on April 4, 2019 my very close and long term friend, David Paulsen passed away due to complications of an aortic blockage. He had been in the hospital for about a week, we all felt he was improving, but he was so untimely and unexpectedly taken. Just a few months ago Dave's best friend, Steph Bunker, was also summoned back on a very unexpected basis. Howard Collins, myself, Stan Adams, Dave Paulsen and Steph Bunker were a foursome since third grade when I moved into the Millbrook/Millcreek area. To loose half of "The Millbrook Boys" in just a few months is "soul searching". I suppose Steph Bunker needed his best friend Dave for a little company. They lived across the street from one another since their toddler days. Dave and I had been having a great time planning on meeting at the August BBQ. He and his lovely wife Fran had just completed their "dream home" out in Grantsville. David Paulsen, known as the other Paul Newman, to some of the women that admired him, was a terrific friend, husband and father. Howard Collins and I will miss Dave and Steph as will a lot of other folks.We are all getting to the stage that our lives and those of our fellow Titans are anything but stable. Things change fast when a loved one leaves. Enjoy every day as your last one. It may be. Let those you love know it way more often. Love you all. ssa

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